A Business Building Ministry

Helping you build your business/ministry

Using Spiritual Principles

 10 Reason to join and start living your dream life today:

1. You get frustrated keeping track of records and want cashflow templates today to make it easier.

2. You feel alone growing your business and want support growing to a 6++ figure income in a community.

3. You feel stuck in your money story and want fresh insights today.

4. You are sick of procrastinating and are ready to take the next step and start the self-study prosperity program today.

5. Your results show an income around $50,000 and you desire to double this in 6 months starting today. 

6. Anxiety after taxes has left you ready to commit in 2018 to your business, bank account, family and yourself.

7. You reviewed your last 3 years and can’t say your income has tripled, now you are ready to do the inner work and jump-start your business to the next level.

8. Lately, you have felt under-valued and over-stretched and you want access today to what your fundamental body style requires to sustain optimum health to balance work, play and your well-being.

9. You feel frustrated because there is an strong element of struggle in your life, you are willing to commit to being seen, valued and heard in your conscious business.

10.Your fear, worry and doubt are old mantras that have block you daily from steady clients and flow, learn new daily mantras to magnify your results today.

YANA (You are not alone): Business Building Ministry is here to support you in your next steps.  You are not alone in growing your conscious business.

We want to share tools to exponentially, expand your business/ministry.

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This is a business-building ministry; we want to provide members with a structure that includes:

support, spiritual tools, templates, videos, meditations, audios and coaching to conscious-business owners who want to take their business to 6-figure incomes.


YANA is becoming a HUB for members who:

desire access to prosperity tools that support their business and their personal well-being.

It is also a place to connect with others for inspiring weekly live-services.

 We believe that the teachings of Ernest Holmes can be utilized to foster healthy business relations, provide spiritual principles and tools, such as:

tithing, SMT, conscious leadership and mainstream accountability systems including cash-flow and financial templates.

Abundance is the one of our core concepts.

Part 1: Get fit financially

Part 2: Getting financially fit

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YANA: Business Building Ministry