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Prosperity Jayne

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Life was never meant to be a struggle, right? You know that sick feeling in your stomach when there is not enough money. Or those nagging feelings and thoughts that keep saying, well if you are so spiritual and aware, why don’t you have more money?

Do you desire to travel, share your gifts, yet there is emptiness from being in a job that you feel stuck at, or a relationship that is comfortable, but far from exceptional? Maybe you have a burning desire to express your noble purpose yet there never seems to be enough time, money or energy to do it.

How do you step into your fullest expression from a place of spiritual power which naturally creates a radiant glow of vitality?

I have traveled the professional path as a bookkeeper, computer corporate software instructor and real estate agent.

It is clear to me that the only way you get somewhere is to make it happen, push through.
I never stop pushing!

Physical & Financial Healing

Releasing Shame & Blame Around Money Matters

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