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10 Week Mary Morrissey Prosperity II Program

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Why Are You Here?

  • YOU are tired of feeling a KNOT OF Anxiety in your stomach around money

  • YOU are FED UP with scolding yourself in your mind about missed opportunities

  • YOU are over the “JUST ENOUGH” story of feeling unseen, unheard and unappreciated


Yes, Choose A New Reality!

Choose and Realize …

 Peace of Mind around Your Money Is Possible

More Than Enough is Realistic

Being Seen, Heard and Valued is a Choice

Have a Thriving $100,000++ Business is Achievable

Enjoy a Dynamic Job with Money in the Bank

Next Steps…Follow the 3-in-3 Method

Step 1.  Taste Test the Complimentary 48-Prosperity Power Hour Unity Online Radio Shows and enjoy the Body Alive Free Book.

Step 2. Enroll in the 10-week Mary Morrissey Prosperity Plus II 90-minute classes.  Spot your sabotage money patterns. Plus, get a bonus 15 min private with me every week for the 10 weeks.

  1. Find out what “MONEY STORY” you are still harboring that is sabotaging your results

  2. Find out how to TAP-INTO your Inner Power

  3. Be a Parent and A Friend Who Helps themselves and others by integrating healthy patterns around money

Cost:  $39 + Tithing to YANA is mandatory.

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Why Tithing to YANA? For the 10 weeks, we will be expanding your prosperity consciousness and this is one of the founding principles for increasing your wealth.  Plus, this online ministry spreads the Prosperity Principles to thousands who otherwise would not have access to these teachings, your tithes will make a difference in 48 countries.

Mission Statement for YANA: YANA (You Are Not Alone) is to nurture, support and share prosperity principles to awaken the unique and magnificent expression of the Divine that is seeking expression in each of us.

Step 3. Have you got 11 minutes 3 x times a day to transform how money shows up in your life. Well, then enroll for 4 weeks in the Advanced 3-in-3 Method and expand your Money Channel.

It’s easy, it’s fun and it works!

Prosperity Plus II is a Pre-requisite.

Once you experience the 3-in-3 Method, I promise you …

Results are Inevitable!    Call for details 970-230-0009.


My money story…

For years, I struggled with working too much, living with the self-induced shame of two bankruptcies and having knots in my stomach when an unexpected large expense showed up.

I “did” believe that looking my best, being fit and showing up as an amazing mom/wife/friend/minister, plus getting my spiritual practice in everyday was a fairy tale. Well this is bull.  You can have it all!

I even hated being dependent on my husband’s salary…Until…


I woke up…

I woke up when I started using my feminine power to draw things to me rather than pushing and getting. And that’s what I’m here to share you.

You see, over the last few years, I have learned about …

How to turn a seeming failure into a success story

How to develop my Sense perception organs

How to manifest with my 6 mental faculties

How to get into a calm quiet state both emotionally and mentally

How to show up for my kids as an example of what healthy patterns around money can do for us as a family and for others

I am choosing to take responsibility for my RESULTS!

I am choosing to take charge of my anxiety around money one thought/word/action at a time by utilizing daily spiritual practices to be my Best me.

My inner power is my power.


It’s all about our choices and accessing OUR Inner POWER to get in the Flow with Prosperity.


Get Started today by joining us in Prosperity Plus II.

About Jayne


Jayne Beth Coley is a master business woman, having worked as an executive and life coach.   Her gift is helping leaders in various fields align their personal and professional higher purpose. 

She provides executive and life coaching inclusive of leadership training that up-levels her clients in all areas of their lives.

Jayne is an advanced, professional healer and intuitive/psychic, honing this skill through 23 years of personal development training including a Masters in Conscious Studies. She clearly sees the Blueprint of each person’s life path, and graciously navigates individuals away from subconscious ‘programming’ that inevitably hold them back and keep them stuck.   She uses breathing and self-awareness so they can create and live into a vision and reality where negative thinking is optional, and positive, present moment consciousness is radically accessible.  She guides them back to their highest soul purpose, with a focus on prosperity, health, wellness, and intimate relationships.

Skills:  Non-Denominational Minister, Polarity Practitioner, CSL Practitioner, medical intuitive through the use of meditation, affirmative prayer coupled with an intuitive reading utilizing her clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience. 

Getting to the root can take 15min or 1 hr, results are guaranteed. 

Rev. Jayne works with a wide variety of clients including but not limited to: 

  • Multi-Millionaires who seek to attract life-enhancing partnerships-personal and professional;

  • Teacher-of-teachers and healer-of-healers working with executive coaches, healers, spiritual leaders/ministers;

  • Adults, Teens and Children with trauma (P.T.S.D.), Eating Disorders, Drug/Alcohol Dependency, and Professional Depression and Anxiety.

Ready to start prospering?

Call 970.230.0009 today to unlock your Power!

Private Sessions: $150 hr  $75   30 min   $37.50  15 min

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