10 Reasons: Join YANA and access higher levels of consciousness to reach a 6-figure income using spiritual principles

  1. My client today said:  “I react emotionally to my husband and tend to say the wrong thing which sets him off .” Solution:  nurture yourself with yoga to balance your emotional body Feed your mind b y dropping into higher states of consciousnessThroughout the day2-minute techniques to raise your vibration and automatically attune to the flow of clients and financial well-beingFlip your old story by using the interrupt technique and shift to What if… which activates the Divine within for solutions

You get frustrated keeping track of records and want cash flow templates today to make it easier.

2. You feel alone growing your business.  Solution:  Join YANA (You are not alone) and receive templates and inspiring messages  while simultaneously connecting with our online community.

3. You feel stuck in your money story. Solution: Do a detailed survey with multiple questions that access your money blocks.

4. You are sick of procrastinating and are ready to take the next step.  Solution: Setup an accountability weekly check-in and watch your results spiral upward.

5. Your results show an income around $50,000 and you desire to double this in 6 months.  Solution:  Learn a simple doubling technique that takes you past your ceiling on your income.

6. Anxiety wells up throughout the day and often you want to lash out in frustration blaming something outside of you. Solution: Learn an easy daily 3-minute breathing technique to access a higher state of consciousness.

7. You reviewed your last 3 years and can’t say your income has tripled.  Solution:  Your setup a proven system that allows you jump-start your business by connecting with your highest expression.

8. Lately, you have felt under-valued and over-stretched.  Solution: You are ready to accept responsibility and step into the best version of you where there is actually time for you.

9. You feel frustrated because there is an strong element of struggle in your life.  Solution: You are ready to do a playful game that instantly manifests you being seen, valued and heard.

10. Your fear, worry and doubt are old mantras that have blocked you daily from steady clients and flow.  Solution: You want access to a mantra that breaks the chatter and brings in the flow.


We want to share tools to exponentially, expand your business/ministry.

Click here to join YANA: Business Building Ministry Today $100/month

This is a business-building ministry; we want to provide members with a structure that includes:

support, spiritual tools, templates, videos, meditations, audios and coaching to conscious-business owners who want to take their business to 6-figure incomes.

YANA is becoming a HUB for members who desire access to prosperity tools that support their business and their personal well-being.

It is also a place to connect with others for inspiring weekly live-services.

 We believe that the teachings of Ernest Holmes can be utilized to foster healthy business relations, provide spiritual principles and tools, such as: tithing, SMT, conscious leadership and mainstream accountability systems including cash-flow and financial templates.

Abundance is the one of our core concepts.