Rev Prosperity Jayne Coley, Senior Minister Rev. Jayne is an exceptional minister, leading the charge toward a prosperous humanity. She enjoys sharing prosperity principles with conscious business owners seeking to spiritually grow from within.  Rev. Jayne has studied prosperity principles for 24 years including a successful radio show with Unity Online Radio.  970-230-0009



About Cliff RubinRev. Cliff Rubin – Minister    Rev Cliff is the Senior Minister for SpiritWorks Center  for Spiritual Living.  If you are want to find like-minded folks from the comfort of your home, we are very accessible and treat everyone like family. Our family reaches around the world, including Canada, The United Kingdom, South Africa, New Zealand, Germany, Alaska, California, Ohio, Washington and North Carolina. Wherever you live, come join us. Our mission is to nurture and support the unique and magnificent expression of the Divine that is each of us.


Rev. Linda Ketchum, Minister   I am Reverend Linda Ketchum, Founding Minister of Center for Spiritual Living Greater Cincinnati. I have been an Ordained/Licensed Centers for Spiritual Living minister and have over 13 years of experience officiating interfaith marriages and commitment ceremonies.

I am available for interfaith marriages and commitment ceremonies, from non-denominational and non-traditional, to traditional services and civil ceremonies. I look forward to working with all couples including the LBGTQ community.

Please contact me to set up your free initial consultation.

Email:     Phone: 937-703-9029

Rev. Gerd Pontow Minister was born and raised in Germany; he obtained a BCom degree (Economics and Pedagogy) from the Free University in Berlin in 1969; emigrated to South Africa in 1970. Growing up in post-war Germany he came across the idea of “World Citizenship”, an idea that intrigued him immensely and certainly influenced him to start his journey into spirituality – a long and winding road through many teachings, e.g. Transcendental Meditation ™, Krishnamurti, Eckhart Tolle, Bhagavad Gita, Wayne Dyer, until he eventually came across the Science of Mind Teachings in 2001. He felt immediately “at home” in this teaching and enthusiastically started to study under the tutelage of Rev. Stephanie Clarke in Johannesburg/South Africa. After graduation as a Practitioner of Religious Science in 2005 he became the Spiritual Director of “Soul Home Teaching Centre for Spiritual Living” in Johannesburg as Rev. Stephanie was leaving South Africa handing over the ministry to him. He is passionate about teaching SOM classes and has taught many accredited classes including Practitioner Training. In 2016 Rev. Gerd successfully completed his course in Consciousness Studies with the School of Spiritual Leadership of CSL.

Rev. Gerd is looking forward to serving on Global Services as from January 2017 as his contribution toward a world that works for all.

His favorite mantra is based on a prayer/affirmation by Ernest Holmes: There is only one Life, That Life is God’s Life, That Life is Perfect, That Life is my Life NOW, That Life is everyone’s Life NOW.


Licensed Practitioners are here to serve you through spiritual guidance and spiritual mind treatment, also known as affirmative prayer. These folks have worked hard to learn how to know the Truth for you. Contact one of them and feel what it’s like for someone of this caliber to be in your corner.

We have 5 licensed practitioners who are available to do private sessions with you.

Deanna is a practitioner Residing in Montgomery, Texas, North Houston.
She has done extensive outreach work in and out of the country and has a real passion and love for people.

Her mission is to empower others to shine forth in all their unique brilliance.   A strategic interventionist, relationship coach, holistic health practitioner, travel consultant and visual artist, Deanna’s focus is on youth and family yet ready to serve those at any age and stage of life.  Her work is based in Holistic Healing Arts.

You can contact Deanna via E-mail at

Lisa Balfour was raised in Calgary and has been a practitioner since 1999.  Lisa has had a passion to serve others since she was 14 yrs old. She is recently exploring how the principles of this teaching that transformed her life, can be of value to the Trucking Industry.  An inspired, gentle and generous student of the principle of Unity, she looks forward to the opportunity of supporting others to know their truth. Lisa call 403-293-7691.

Janette is a licensed Practitioner whose intention is to empower you to a live a life of passion purpose and reach your highest potential.

Her vision is for others to learn to communicate effectively to easily move through life’s challenges and difficulties and experience a life of joy, contentment and peace.