3 steps to financial flow

Step 1: We all go through times where we rebel from doing what we know needs to be done. Yes rebel. We might watch videos, or just do one more episode of that favorite drama. Step 1 … notice the rebel Step 2: I am finding that creating a time frame around distractions is helpful. […]

Make exponential leaps in your business

Avatar: Knowing your ideal customer you serve is the key ingredient to achieving success in your business. This is often referred to in the industry as your avatar. To get clear on your avatar, make a paragraph list of details such as: age, demographic where they live, their likes, education level, what type of purchases […]

How to Expand Quickly in your Business

Yes, I sold this beautiful home this week for $960,000.  If you only take one step, take this one.   Order creates expansion. When we clear our corners in our home, our car, our wallet, our purse and maintain breathing space in your closets and drawers, expansion naturally begins to happen.  It is like cleaning the windows in a […]

How to shift from pain to joy

Monitoring our internal systems specifically our food intake and food out-take AND utilizing Affirmative Prayer, helps us to Bring a Shift from Pain to Joy into our lives. We will do an affirmative prayer at the conclusion so you can experience an unlimited pleasure-filled state. Your Breath:  Use your Life Force Energy wisely by activating the breath […]

How to Shift from Limiting Beliefs

In order to transform an old limiting belief, follow these steps: 1. Engage your mind recalling a positive memory of an event that had a successful outcome. 2. Activate your 5 senses by feeling, tasting, touching, recalling the sound associated with it use your visualization abilities. This will magnify the memory, the picture in your […]

5 Success Steps

It dawned on me this morning that in order to have a rapid up spiral in growth, something must be shifted in the mindset. This we refer to in Science of Mind as the “mental equivalent” held in mind. In order to transform an old limiting belief, follow these steps: 1. Engage your mind recalling […]

To Know Myself

A discovery course based on “Gifts From A Course In Miracles” 9 WEEKS OF CONNECTING and Discovering Who You Are   Starting 

Thursday April 5, 2018  Time: 2:00PM CST to 3:30CST  $249  CLICK SIGNUP & PAY   Would you like to discover what is truly important to you at this point in your life? 

Would […]

5 Steps: Double Your Income

The 1 THING that Stands Between You & Doubling Your Income Adopt 1 practice everyday after you have done: Spiritual practice like yoga and make sure to check in with the family. 1. Okay, for 4 Focused Hours, very focused hours, I keep my mind on the goal at hand. The goal is: fill my […]