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40 Days to a Booming, Blessed Business


Private Sessions with Rev Prosperity Jayne

My Ministry is taking your and your business to a 6-figure income utilizing Spiritual Principles.

Take your Business, your Ministry to the Next Level in 2018.

Spring Your Business forward in 2018 by:
  1. Building Prayer Muscles: Spiritual mind treatment an affirmative prayer works
  2. Building your Money Muscles: Let go of stress around having just enough or just a little extra money
  3. Connecting your Heart with your Head: Release the dreaded busy mind at night with a 3 and 11 minute breathing fixes
  4. Tapping into your own Greatness in your conscious business: Develop ways to trust your decision making
  5. Knowing the difference between a gut instinctual feeling and an higher intuitive awakening
45-minute weekly calls for 40-Days



I had a bad fall last year as many of you know and fractured my knee which truly slowed me down.
As a result, my whole life got turned upside down. Well the blessing, the silver lining was that my life turned around for the better.
My clients increased, my bank account went up, I received regular messages like “you got money” which is what PayPal emails me, my knee got better and my 20 year marriage was rejuvenated, my teenagers, well, I am still growing in that department.
Everyone started asking what I was doing differently.
So I spent many mornings in meditation allowing lovely downloads of information from the Divine to occur.
The good news is that I have successfully gathered my downloads and put these into a step-by-step curriculum.
I started integrating what came to me in meditation with my weekly private clients.
The results are remarkable, Divine in fact.  
I want to share this material with you in a 40-day business bootcamp.