To Know Myself

A discovery course based on “Gifts From A Course In Miracles”
9 WEEKS OF CONNECTING and Discovering Who You Are

Thursday April 5, 2018  Time: 2:00PM CST to 3:30CST  $249


Would you like to discover what is truly important to you at this point in your life?

Would you like a safe atmosphere to relax into as you deepen your 
personal relationship with yourself, with Spirit and the world around you?

Would you like to be met with acceptance support and unconditional 
love in a judgement free zone where we all learn from one another?

If like many people, you answered yes to any or all of these questions…
Then here is my warm invitation for you to join me as we journey 
together for twelve weeks with the intention of removing any and all blocks to the awareness of Love’s Presence which is your natural inheritance.
During this twelve week discovery course you will receive:

1. A Workbook on PDF to guide you through our Nine Enriching weeks 
2. On going love and support by a licensed Profession Practitioner
3. Mentoring and guidance throughout your journey as we will meet together weekly in
 the sanctuary (Time Below) at

4. Prayer Support using only Positive Affirmative Prayer
5. The choice to be Added to a private Marco Polo (visual walkie Talkie) group via your phone which allows each of us to have a platform to speak in concerns or ideas during the week.
1. and as a BONUS I would like to offer the first 11 people to sign up a 
personal, one on one, 45 minute coaching session a month via my zoom 
room ( valued at $125.00)
You Receive Nine Wonderful Weeks for a one time love offering of only $249.00

Many people agree that community is so beneficial on the spiritual 
We grow and learn from one another and being surrounded with 
like minds as you open your awareness to Spiritual truths is like a 
soothing balm for the soul.

Class will Start on On the First Thursday in April and continue 
through the nine weeks at the same time each week.

Classes will be recorded so that you can revisit our time together
  after the sessions.

Starting Thursday April 5, 2018  Time: 2:00PM CST to 3:30CST  $249

Her mission is to empower others to shine forth in all their unique brilliance.   A strategic interventionist, relationship coach, holistic health practitioner, travel consultant and visual artist, Deanna’s focus is on youth and family yet ready to serve those at any age and stage of life.  Her work is based in Holistic Healing Arts.

You can contact Deanna via E-mail at

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